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Fundación de los Ferrocarriles españoles

Unique marketing spaces

The Railway Museum of Catalonia, makes available to companies, institutions and individuals, a compilation of unique spaces for the celebration of cultural, corporate or private events in a safe and healthy way, in a privileged setting, the historic Steam Locomotives Depot of Vilanova i la Geltrú. These exclusive facilities house the largest collection of locomotives and vehicles in the State, as part of a complex of industrial buildings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that make them one of the most important legacies of industrial heritage in Catalonia.


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The Museum opens up to the possibility of organizing all kinds of events thanks to the versatility of its facilities. From vintage vehicles that can be used for events within the Museum to huge open spaces we have tailored environments for your needs.


We also have extensive experience in the organization and reception of meetings, workshops, conferences, presentations, press conferences, awards, team building, social events, conventions, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, working days, photo shoots, shootings, film and TV shoots, advertising, wine tasting and pairings, creative workshops, coaching workshops, concerts and much more.


The railway is an evocative and seductive setting, with a powerful appeal that has fascinated all kinds of artistic and cultural manifestations. Cinema from its earliest frames made it the protagonist of its stories, making it a powerful and effective audio visual resource for the world of advertising.





Set of industrial ships of the Museum

GRAN NAVE (Great ship). Useful surface of 1.082 m²

The Grand Nave is the largest space in the Museum. Industrial style, stands out for its luminosity, spaciousness and versatility. It has two tracks, on one of the tracks is a composition of the first train "Talgo", built in the United States in the forties, which performed commercial service. It is an ideal space to hold corporate and social events and for its orientation has a privileged light that makes it a unique space for all kinds of audio visual works.

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Roundabout MFC


The Locomotive Rotunda building is shaped like a circular crown room with modernist features. With an area of 900 m2 it is oriented towards large outdoor spaces and a rotating bridge, which allows to have outdoor and covered space to perform all kinds of acts.

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Training, innovation and entrepreneurship spaces for companies and independent professionals

AUDIOVISUAL ROOM. Surface of 80 m²

With capacity for 50 pax and equipped with audio visual facilities is an excellent place to teach courses, conferences and conferences.

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LIBRARY. Surface of35 m²

Capacity for 12 pax. A luxurious space with exclusive furniture for small-format meetings.

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Meet the vehicles

Vehicles for filming and photo shoots


The Museum has a collection of historic vehicles suitable for use as a stage for filming and photo shoots. The complex covers more than one hundred years of railway history, allowing to recreate both period and more current environments. In our facilities of the former Steam Locomotive Depot of Vilanova i la Geltrú, dating back to the late nineteenth century, the largest sample of steam engines in Spain is exhibited, providing a set of an incomparable aesthetic power that makes them ideal for advertising reports and filming.


Coches del Tren del Centenario
Centennial train cars


Coche Harlan
Harlan car


Coche de Tercera Clase
Third-class car


Coche de lujo
Two luxury cars


Composición Talgo II
Talgo II Composition


Vagoneta de vía de finales del s.XIX
Late 19th century track rail



The choice of museum for its celebration guarantees you that this will be a success

The Museum offers you a film environment

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